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Production Printing
Improve Control and increase Efficiency of Multifunctional Devices

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Integrated – Print Room Management

uniFLOW is capable of managing both routine printing requirements across an entire business, and the print room with just a single application. uniFLOW’s CRD printing module can manage the entire range of print room tasks, from submission to job intake, from document make ready to production.

uniFLOW Printing Solution

Easy Submission of Jobs to the Print Room

Printing requests are often sent to the print room with ambiguous instructions.With uniFLOW Job Ticketing, users send print jobs directly from their PC to the print room in an efficient and standardized manner, having followed a few simple steps to complete a digital job ticket.

When combined with uniFLOW’s Rules and Routing feature large print jobs can automatically be rerouted from office multifunctional devices to the print room.

On top of that, jobs can be submitted using a web-based shop frontend with a wide range of functionalities such as product catalog, shopping cart, pre-flighting, cost quotation, authorization, native file support and credit card payment. Integration with the Océ PRISMAdirect web submission application facilitates the information exchange with uniFLOW regarding users, cost centers, budgets and accounting data.

uniFLOW Job Submission

Central Job Management

The Operator Dashboard manages user printing requirements. When print orders are received, operators can check, schedule and prepare them. Each operator can be assigned their own print queues and printers.

Printing is simple; just drag and drop jobs into print queues or send each one to a device. Settings specified in job tickets are automatically matched with the printer settings.As no manual intervention is required to complete orders, operator performance is improved and print room productivity increased. All print jobs can be archived for later retrieval and reprinting.

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Job Ticketing – Easy Submission

Document Make-Ready

The integrated web-based make ready function provides a full document preview with easy to use page layout and editing tools.This tool reduces time spent on job preparation and improves accuracy, thus meeting sophisticated user expectations.

Workloads can be divided between several printers. This will save time and increase the overall printing output. Costs can also be reduced by color splitting, a method separating color pages from monochrome.

For advanced document make-ready uniFLOW offers an integration with Océ PRISMAprepare, allowing print jobs to be opened directly from the uniFLOW Operator Dashboard.

uniFLOW Printing Solution

uniFLOW Production Print Report

In a report published by BLI in January 2018, uniFLOW 2018 LTS is recommended to increase productivity and efficiency of small- to mid-size corporate reprographic departments. Various functions were tested, e.g. job ticketing, document ‘make-ready’ and job management. The report highlight the production print features link nicely with other features of the software.

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