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Improve Control and increase Efficieny of multifunctional Devices

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Take Control of the Office Print Infrastructure

uniFLOW’s secure printing functionality allows users to send sensitive documents to network printers from both desktops and mobile devices. Documents will only be printed when the user is physically standing at the device.

Unique features and technologies make uniFLOW a powerful software tool that maximizes security while increasing business productivity.

uniFLOW Print Infrastructure

uniFLOW Universal Driver

One driver for all – the unique technology of the uniFLOW Universal Driver will allow users to choose any network printer from which to release a job, regardless of model or manufacturer. The uniFLOW Universal Driver ensures correct output as requested. This reduces user dissatisfaction with the printing process and saves costs by cutting waste.

Secure Printing

All print jobs are stored in a user’s personal secure print queue until they are released to a office printer of their choice. This can be a wide variety of devices or even an Océ Large Format Printer. To prevent unauthorized use of devices, users are required to authenticate themselves at the device using a card login, PIN code or job code. Users can then select which of their print jobs to release from a list displayed directly on the device screen.

Track and record Costs for all Printing, Copying, Scanning and Faxing

Cost Tracking and Accounting

uniFLOW allows the finance department to track, assess and charge back all printing, copying, scanning and faxing costsso that costs are allocated to departments or specific projects correctly.

The finance department can also generate reports for each user, device and group or multi-level cost center and the IT department can view device usage across the entire network.

Tracking and analyzing the usage of devices means that businesses can assess where savings can be made. It also enables the implementation of rules, routing of jobs to cheaper devices or automated deletion of jobs after a specified time has elapsed before job release, all of which means additional savings.

Office Printing Report


To keep printing and copying costs under control budgetscan be established for individual users, groups or cost centers. If the budget is exceeded, printing/copying can be stopped altogether, limited to black and white only or users can be notified that their funds have run out. Balances can be recharged automatically at any time via internet-based credit card payment systems such as PayPal and WorldPay. It is also possible for cashiers to add funds manually to a user’s account where a personal cash-based system is required.

Rules & Routing

By implementing print rules, uniFLOW can redirect jobs appropriately so that only small print jobs are routed to laser printers whilst larger jobs are rerouted to the cheaper and faster multifunctional devices. Very large print tasks can even be rerouted to the central print room.

In addition, users can be forced to print only in black and white/duplex. Double-sided printing and deleting print jobs that have not been released saves paper and money.

uniFLOW can help businesses implement an environmental printing strategy to save money and improve its environmental performance.

Delegation Printing

In most instances a print workflow is “single-user” even though many working practices require print jobs to be delegated to other users or groups. uniFLOW´s delegation printing allows a user (the delegator) to share all their print jobs with selected users or groups (delegatee). Automatic email notification informs recipients if they have been added or removed as a delegate. When a print job is released, an automatic email notification can be sent to the delegator.

Increase Productivity and save Costs with intelligent Printing Rules

Remote Print Server (RPS)

To successfully manage print processes in remote locations it is often the case that only by removing or restricting features can outlying offices can be integrated. The uniFLOW Remote Print Server (RPS) allows a large part of the functionality licensed on the main uniFLOW server to be installed on a second server within the organization.
uniFLOW Remote Print Server

uniFLOW SmartClient

Management of print processes onsite and in remote locations incurs high costs. It is often the case that only by removing or restricting features can remote offices be integrated. Printing can also use up considerable bandwidth when used remotely which may prevent key business applications running smoothly.

The uniFLOW SmartClient allows customers with a multi-site infrastructure to print securely and track costs without the need for local print servers in different locations. There are various methods of configuring the uniFLOW SmartClient making it adaptable in order to fit specific customer requirements.

uniFLOW 2018 LTS: Office Printing Report

In January 2018, BLI published two reports about uniFLOW 2018 LTS’ office printing and production printing capabilities. With regard to uniFLOW 2018 LTS’ as an office printing solution, BLI recognizes uniFLOW 2018 LTS’ strengths and states the software responds excellently to printing and scanning requirements of front offices.

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