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Device Management
Improve Control and increase Efficiency of Multifunctional Devices

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Gain full – System Control

uniFLOW can monitor an entire print fleet, allowing businesses to have an overview of every device. If there are changes of the device status such as errors, these will be highlighted automatically. uniFLOW can bring about full control of the printing fleet by preventing unauthorized use of the devices and, where access is granted, all usage of devices is recorded for later reporting. Implementing auditing processes also helps to improve security.

uniFLOW Device Management Features

Function Control

uniFLOW makes it possible to restrict the device functionality according to users’ level of security clearance e.g. contractors can only copy in black and white at a device immediately outside the Managing Director’s office or guests can print jobs submitted from their mobile devices but they cannot copy or scan.

Device Auditing

With the tight integration of uniFLOW and Canon iW SAM Express, businesses can easily record and archive all device activities such as print, scan, fax, copy and email.Each time an activity is carried out on a multifunctional device, the text and image data plus login information can be documented to facilitate a thorough auditing process.

Images can be sent through uniFLOW in order to produce an OCR searchable text document of all archived images. The keyword designation feature means that keywords identified as high risk can, when scanned, printed or copied, trigger an alert email to the IT administrator who can respond and take appropriate action quickly.

uniFLOW Device Auditing

Always be informed via automated Status Notifications

Status Monitoring

uniFLOW allows businesses to monitor the status of the entire print fleet so gaining control of all devices.The solution allows the administrator to have an immediate overview of the whole fleet, including media and toner levels of every device, and see device locations.

Status Notification

uniFLOW can be configured to send out change of device status notifications. Customized workflows can be created for a range of status changes e.g. device error, out of paper or out of toner.

A frequent example is paper running out. uniFLOW can be configured to do nothing for 15 minutes after which an email is then sent to a specified person. If the matter is still not resolved after 30 minutes a further email is sent to the facilities department.

Automatic Device Failover

When operating in a CRQM (collective release queue management) environment, Canon MEAP devices automatically re-connect to any available server in the CRQM collective in case of a server failure, guaranteeing continuity of the printing process. The connection to another server occurs automatically as soon as the devices’ “main” server is offline.

A new server is chosen based on the device connection load of the individual server which is defined by the administrator. This will ensure MEAP devices attach themselves to the server with the lowest device connection load percentage. As soon as the devices’ “main” server becomes available again they will fall back into the initial connection.

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