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Universal Login Manager
Profit of Device Access Control and simple Cost Tracking

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Universal Login Manager – Security. Productivity. Control.

The Universal Login Manager is the first step towards a complete managed print infrastructure. This serverless solution for access control assists in utilizing the native capabilities of Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE and selected Canon imageRUNNER, Canon i-SENSYS and Canon imageCLASS devices. It also delivers basic cost tracking functionality. The Universal Login Manager is easy to upgrade to a more advanced solution whilst retaining original configurations.

  • Easy Access Control:Many businesses wish to restrict certain device features to certain users or groups.

  • Simple Cost Tracking:In order to reduce costs, businesses need to know what the costs are and why they are incurred.

  • Sharing Login Details:Sharing login information allows users to view their own secure print queue and to scan a document to their personal folder.

Increase Employee Productivity via Personalization.

Universal Login Manager – Security. Productivity. Control.

Flexible Authentication

The Universal Login Manager secures specific Canon devices against unauthorized access and usage which protects information. Different methods of authentication are available for users including username/ password, image login or proximity card. A PIN can also be required for image login and proximity card authentication.

Access Control

The Universal Login Manager can also manage user printing rights. Administrators can authorize different rights e.g. b/w printing, according to user roles. On Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE devices rights can be set via both device and functional level login.

Workflow Personalization

Once logged into a Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE, users can be presented with a Quick Menu providing shortcuts to personal one-touch buttons and workflows. In addition, users can scan documents and send them directly to their personal email address or network folder.

Login Screen Customization

The login screen on Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE devices can be customized to show a company logo.

Track Print, Scan and Copy Costs

The Universal Login Manager allows administrators to track device usage on up to 10 devices, with a maximum of 5000 jobs, in a single consolidated report. There are different reports which display user details, device details, user summary and device summary.

Immediate – Benefits

The Universal Login Manager provides immediate benefits with its enhanced document security, increased productivity and more control for administrators.

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Enhanced Document Security

The Universal Login Manager provides simple user login without manual data entry which ensures documents do not get mixed up with colleagues’ documents. Furthermore administrators can prevent unauthorized access to devices and determine permit¬ted levels of use for different users.

Increased Productivity

Personal convenience and productivity is enhanced on Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE devices with one-touch buttons. Scans are send directly to personal email addresses or network folder which saves valuable time.

More Control

The integrated cost tracking tool means costs are easily identified and can be controlled by reducing waste. Corporate identity can be promoted on Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE devices via a custom built login screen displaying the company logo so the device blends perfectly with company culture and image.

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