UniFLOW Secure document scanning

Scanning and protecting business data has become increasingly important as business requirements have evolved and cloud usage has grown and found its way into daily office life. With uniFLOW Online, users can securely scan to a local network folder, email address, desktop or various cloud destinations. Secure scan processing, device access control and the encryption of scanned files are an integral part of the scan offering.

Capture the document

Digitalizing documents in a structured and secure manner reduces manual interaction and optimizes business processes and security measures. With uniFLOW Online, users can scan documents directly from most Canon multi-functional printers. Users can alter scan options directly at the device, enter required metadata and browse through the root of their selected destination to select a folder. Access to scan profiles can be restricted to individual users or groups.

Capture the document with UniFLOW Online

Receipt and business card scanning

uniFLOW Online simplifies the management of receipts and business cards. When scanning receipts or business cards, a user can select ‘Free size’ and ‘Standard size.’ ‘Standard size’ receipts can be scanned from the platen glass or via the automatic document feeder (ADF). ‘Free size’ allows multiple irregular (small) sized receipts to be scanned from the platen glass. Individual receipts are then automatically detected, cropped and auto rotated.

Filing Assist

Until recently, scanning was used purely to archive documents; filing and indexing were performed manually which was a time-consuming task. Today scanning is increasingly important as business requirements evolve. Batches of documents need to be scanned in one go and completed automatically with file names and metadata before they are stored in different cloud services. Filing Assist is perfect for repetitive scan processes of similar document types with automated batch scanning.

Filing Assist

Powerful scan processing

uniFLOW Online offers a broad set of scan processing features so users can benefit from optimized scan processes. Utilizing scanning with uniFLOW Online can enhance image quality and OCR accuracy through despeckle and deskew operations. Multiple receipts and business cards can be scanned simultaneously then saved as a single document.

Delegation for further processing

When digitizing documents as part of a more extensive business process, the user who scans a document does not always need to be the same person who processes it. It can often be more effective to delegate the work to someone else. Administrators can allow users to hand over their scan jobs to correspond with them manually. It may be imperative documents are processed within a given period in some situations. To meet these demands, documents scanned into Filing Assist can also be delegated automatically once a specified period has lapsed.

Distribute to various destinations

With uniFLOW Online users can scan documents securely from a connected device to several scan destinations, a specific target folder or the previously selected folder of a scan destination, which makes repeated scan processes easier.

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