What is Information Management?

Therefore Corporation produces Therefore™ Information Management software. Our software is designed to help employees achieve numerous gains in efficiency and productivity, while decreasing time spent on burdensome administrative tasks and paper intensive processes. This is done by transforming paper-based document and business processes into electronic records and digital workflows. The end result is improved productivity by allowing employees’ resources to be redirected towards more strategic, rewarding work.

In any business environment, the free and secure flow of information is essential. However, traditional methods of organizing, storing, and sharing such information on paper are often inefficient. By adopting an information management system, it’s possible for business of all sizes to decrease their reliance on paper and the need for manual processing, thereby increasing the access, control and traceability of information throughout their business.

Why go Paperless?

Reliance on paper leaves data vulnerable to theft, destruction and loss. The costs of printing and physically storing files are unnecessary, inefficient business expenditures. Moreover, the environmental costs of printing are not to be ignored: toner and paper both have negative impacts on our environment.

Hence, the space, time, and money that organizations can save by increasing the amount of electronic filing is undoubtedly significant. By taking advantage of numerous customizable permissions sets, Therefore™ increases information security while increasing employees’ control of information. Finally, Therefore™ offers productivity tools including workflow and Business Analytics to enhance the control of business processes and the knowledge of where documents are within a company. By improving the visibility an organization has, it can optimize its processes, and provide more accurate information to employees, customers and suppliers.

Information Access

Information is only worth something when it can be retrieved. By digitizing information into a standardized format, it is more accessible and manageable. Unlike the traditional Windows based folder structure, which varies from user to user, Therefore™ offers a uniform storage system which creates a centralized information repository throughout the company. By implementing a consistent solution, know-how is secured throughout the organization, allowing data to still be retrieved, and processes to be correctly handled in the event of a key employee’s absence or departure.

Easy to Use, Administer and Configure

The user interface of Therefore™ is up to date with modern standards in style and convenience, making the product easy to use from the start. Documents stored in Therefore™ can even be displayed in a familiar tree-view structure in Windows Explorer.

Why is Information Management Important?

Easily Capture Information

Both paper and electronic documents can easily be saved in the Therefore™ system using various methods. Paper documents can easily be scanned into the system, either using our own Therefore™ Capture Client, the MFP application or using a third party scanning solution such as IRIS or Kofax. Using the Therefore™ Capture Client, documents can be indexed using barcodes, including 2D barcodes, or using zonal OCR. Electronic documents can also be easily brought into the system, either using drag and drop from Windows Explorer, a hot folder, or directly from a supported third-party application via one of the Therefore™ connectors.

Optimize Processes

By automating routine work with Therefore™ Workflow, mistakes can be avoided and managers can gain an overview of how processes run within the company.

Processes can continue even when employees are out of the office. Documents such as reports or mail can be viewed and actions can be taken by employees even from outside of the office to ensure a continuous flow of business processes, including via an internet browser or mobile device.

Storage & Security

Primary & backup storage policies, together with customizable permission control ensure that information is both safe and secure. A homogeneous, reliable archive ensures information can easily be accessed at a later date, even if the employee who originally archived the document is no longer available.

A Customizable Solution for your Organization

Therefore™ is customizable and scalable. It is easy to move from a single user environment to an enterprise environment, simply by updating the license. Various user and connector licenses are offered to ensure the system is tailored to your needs.

Flexible and Mobile Access

Therefore™ allows users to access their documents and workflows on the go using a mobile app, a web browser, and an offline function. The Therefore™ Mobile App is supported on iOS and Android phones and tablets. Therefore™ Web Access allows users to view, access, edit, and save their documents in Therefore™ using an internet browser. Finally, users can take documents offline, edit them and then synchronize with the server using Therefore™ Anywhere.

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