SUNMI Partners Platform

Get insightful data, eliminate geographic restrictions, and grow your business with all professional services on DMP. You can from the cloud manage all company-owned devices, apps and contents efficiently, easily and securely.

Product Features

Sunmi DMPSUNMI Partners PlatformSunmi Remote AssistanceSunmi Device Management System
Set Your Brand Voice
Release customized boot animations, wallpapers and home screen apps to your devices to create your brand voice.
Remote Assistance
Reimage your aftersales service, quickly find and solve device problems with no geographic restrictions. Compatible with all types of SUNMI devices.
YOUR App Store
Make your apps quickly available to millions of devices with this top-notch app store for business.
Private Deployment
Deployed to customer specified servers, TMS is a device management system built for the finance, logistics and healthcare industries, and many more.

What is SUNMI Device Management Platform?

Industry coverage

  • Payment
  • Retail
  • Restaurant
  • Healthcare
  • Logistics
  • Life Service
  • Hotel
  • Apparel

Management Platform

  • Public Device Management Platform (MDM)
  • Private Device Management System (TMS)

Main Capabilities

  • System Customization
  • Device Upgrade
  • Remote Assistance
  • App Distribution
  • Device Configuration
  • Device Statistics
  • Device Ownership
  • Account Management

SUNMI Devices

Sunmi Devices

Show your brand
personality with our
customization services.

Customize your launcher, wallpaper, boot animation,
and input method from the cloud.

Sunmi Customize your launcher

Boot Animation

Sunmi Boot Animation

Custom Launcher


Release your OTA updates,
in a staged manner.

Are your OTA updates ready for all users? Now you can
release your update to a subset of users and scale up
once it is verified, which is less risky and also let some
of your users get early access to new features.

Remote Assistance

Remotely manage apps,
contents and security.

Manage devices by groups, get real- time device
information, reboot or power off devices in bulk,
send files, install or uninstall APKs, get App logs,
lock or unlock devices, clear screen passwords, etc.

App Distribution

A customizable app store
is truly YOUR app store.

Annoyed by competitive apps? Block third
party apps from showing in your app store.

Device Statistics

Grasp the real-time
device data from the

The device user do device check and sync the
report to the cloud for your tech support team
to quickly find and solve problems.

Data visualization,
subscription and integration.
All on one platform.

Sunmi Partners Platform

Data Subscription

Leave an email address to receive the updates you
subscribed for, at the frequency you set.

Data Integration

In addition to visualized data, we also open a variety of data interfaces for developers to call real-time and reliable source data whenever they need.

Securing the operational data of every device is a top priority of SUNMI product design.

from clarified device ownership.

SUNMI clarifies every device’s ownership for you, by the moment it leaves the warehouse.

Manage Branches

Create sub-accounts for your branches, configure them according to your needs and manage them in bulk. Your devices can also be assigned to and tranferred among sub-accounts.

Assign Permissions

Easy teamwork at your fingertips. Create more operators for your account and do adjustment anytime as needed.

Global network topology.
Quick, stable and secure.

Dynamic Acceleration via CDN

Provide easy network access worldwide, including some remote areas like South
Africa and the Middle East, with our dynamic acceleration via CDN and edge node optimization.

Dynamic Capacity Expansion

We adopt a scalable architecture to support dynamic capacity expansion, supporting tens of millions active
devices everyday.

Classified Information Protection

Level 2 information protection
to secure important information, resources
and systems.

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