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SUNMI Indonesia -  Mesin POS SUNMI adalah perusahaan teknologi yang berfokus pada bidang bisnis cerdas. Mesin Kasir Touchscreen dengan software POS Handal. SUNMI juga merupakan perusahaan pertama yang memperoleh dua putaran pembiayaan berturut-turut dari Xiaomi Technology di bidang bisnis cerdas. Samafitro sebagai ATPM Casio Cash Register dan ViviPOS kini menghadirkan mesin POS SUNMI yang merupakan pelengkap dari mesin kasir konvensional sebagai salah satu produk andalannya...Baca Selengkapnya


Qualcomm snapdragon octa-core
Support custom display, NFC, QR Code Scanner
0.03 second of QR Code recognization
11.6﹄ IPS HD display, view angle up to 170°
Support Wi-Fi networking
58mm or 80mm Seiko printer(optional)

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SUNMI T2 MINI Not only beautiful, but also with strength

Source: YouTube

Latest Features & Ready to use for POS & Your Online Store


Current situations

Many products of last era is still greatly decreasing the merchants’ efficiency, with single function & large size
Many small convenience stores are still using the traditional cash devices that can only collect money, unable to get the inventory information quickly
which makes the shop assistant spend lots of time in inventory to know whether the store needs replenishment
wasting a large amount of manpower and material resources


The Future

SUNMI T2 MINI is an all-in-one Android POS terminal which is more compact, intelligent and powerful

Classic appearance design
Function options available according to customers’ needs

Perfect for use in various business scenarios including retail, petrol station, convenience store, etc


Exquisite performance due to advanced chip

To handle all your work well more than sufficiently
we prepared Qualcomm snapdragon octa-core processor for it


Maintain excellent performance in various environments.

11.6″ IPS multi-touch capacitive HD screen offers you clear display effect and wide viewing angle, which can be applied in indoor & outdoor environments.


Multiple supports beyond your expectation.

  • Unlimited network access

    anywhere at any time
    optional 4G module, free networking with it, both in indoor and outdoor occasions

  • Mass applications, to become more excellent

    Mass safe commercial applications can be downloaded through SUNMI’s approval
    which will be totally free, to help you to deal with various scenarios calmly

  • Bluetooth 4.0

    To make unlimited expansion possible

  • Optional tax control module

    To provide optional tax control module for easy installation with overseas demanders


Development Background

The design inspiration of T2 MINI was originated from cash register, a traditional small-sized cashier’s device equipped with physical keyboard, which is quite popular in Europe and Asia and can be seen everywhere in the world. However, this cash register is out-of-date for it has no OS, cannot support mobile payment nor use any software, and money collection is its only function.
Accordingly, SUNMI refered to the concept of this classic cash register in the design of T2 MINI, a brand new intelligent Andriod device. Compared with traditional cash register, T2 MINI is more compact and light, which distributes its good mobility. Meanwhile, T2 MINI ensures excellent performances of all functions. Besides, it adds various additional fucntions including tax control and 4G module, expanding its applicable scenarios furtherly.


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