LXi7 High performance and Large Flatbed with UV-LED

LXi7 High performance and Large Flatbed with UV-LED specification:

Max Print Speed : 78 m2/h
LED LAMP Lifetime : (20,000hrs)
Anti-head Crash
Max Print Size : 2500mm x 3050mm
Max Head height : 70mm ­
Quality 7 Color : CMYK W Varnish or Primer
Max Channel : up to 8 Printhead

Additional Information and Features :

  1. InkTec’s JETRIX LXi7 printer has 2.5m x 3.0m wide flatbed combined with a powerful zonal vacuum system.
  2. With the top printing speeds reaching up to 78sqm/h, these printers offer significantly faster speeds than previous models.
  3. The innovative LED curing system reduces operational costs by delivering an overall lower energy consumption and delivers a longer lamp lifetime. Designed and developed with the user in mind, the LXi7 features many automated
  4. functions and safety systems for increased productivity.
  5. The LXi7 delivers new printing possibilities combined with optimal printing results.
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