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Konica Minolta Nassenger SP-1

Feature Konica Minolta Nassenger SP-1:

  1. Employs single-pass technology
  2. Excellent image reproduction with no loss despite the high speed
  3. Equipped with special technology and features for minimized downtime
  4. Touch panel & remote operation
  5. Printing mode :

Benefit Konica Minolta Nassenger SP-1:

Nassenger SP-1 is equipped with a newly developed printhead for single-pass printing. Equipped with functionality that compensates for errors detected by printhead nozzle sensors. Ultra high speed yet fine detail and excellent gradation results as well. Single-Pass Technology realizes ultra high speed printing


Product NameNASSENGER SP-1
TechnologyDrop on-demand piezo inkjet technology
PrintheadKM water based inkjet printhead module
Colors4 colors6 colors8 colors
Number of modules96 modules108 modules144 modules162 modules192 modules216 modules
Printing width1,600mm1,830mm1,600mm1,830mm1,600mm1,830mm
InkReactive dye inkYellow,ExtraMagenta,Cyan,Black,Orange,Blue,Pink,Gray,Sky
Disperse dye inkYellow,Magenta,Cyan,Black,Light Magenta,Light Cyan,Light Black,Red,Violet
Printing ModeUltra High Speed720×3606,400m2/h
High Speed720×5404,300m2/h
High density720×9002,500m2/h
Operating Environment
/ humidity condition
Mechanical Operating Condition15~30℃ 40~70%RH
Color certifing condition of reactive dye ink20~28℃ 40~70 %RH
Color certifing condition of disperse dye ink20~28℃ 60~70 %RH
Dimensions(L × W × H)L 16,150 × W 5,435 × H 2,540(mm)
WeightPrint UnitApprox. 820kg × number of colors
Transport UnitApprox. 4,700kg
Power supplyMain ControllerAC Three Phase 200-240V 50/60Hz 125A
Image scan UnitAC Single Phase 200-240V 50/60Hz 10A *Supply from Main controller
Transport UnitAC Three Phase 200-240V 50/60Hz 60A

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