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Konica Minolta Nassenger 10

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Feature Konica Minolta Nassenger 10:

  1. Missprint Recovery : empty nozzle compensation
  2. Functions ensuring stable production : Equipped with head maintenance functions (printhead cleaning and empty nozzle detection systems)
  3. Design performance with striking beauty
  4. Diverse print modes : NASSENGER 10 offers print modes to suit your diverse needs for handling tight deadlines, high precision imaging, and high ink concentration/permeability.


Benefit Konica Minolta Nassenger 10:

High quality ink for flexible color re-creation with 8 color standard (4 base + 2 special + 2 light colors) or 9 colors optional. The Naassenger series greatly reduces environmental burdens compared to convential flat screen textile printers.



Product NameNASSENGER 10
TechnologyDrop on-demand piezo inkjet technology
Printhead1024 nozzles water-based inkjet printhead x 8colors72pcs (max. 9colors81pcs)
InkReactive dye ink TYPE-PYellow,ExtraMagenta,Cyan,Black,Orange,Blue,Pink,Gray,Sky
Disperse dye ink TYPE-SYellow,Magenta,Cyan,Black,Pink,Sky,Gray,Red,Violet
Acid dye inkYellow,Magenta,Cyan,Black,Blue,Light Magenta,Orange,Light Cyan,Light Black
Printing Width1,850mm
Maximum Fabric Thickness8mm
Printing ModeDraft370 ~ 990m2/h (with 8 colors)360 ~ 980m2/h (with 9 colors)
Standard1310 ~ 580m2/h (with 8 colors)300 ~ 570m2/h (with 9 colors)
Standard2140 ~ 450m2/h (with 8 colors)140 ~ 440m2/h (with 9 colors)
Standard3120 ~ 230m2/h (with 8 colors)120 ~ 230m2/h (with 9 colors)
Extra170 ~ 230m2/h (with 8 colors)70 ~ 230m2/h (with 9 colors)
Extra260 ~ 120m2/h (with 8 colors)60 ~ 120m2/h (with 9 colors)
Operating Environment
/ humidity condition
Mechanical Operating Condition15~30℃ 40~70%RH
Color certifing condition of reactive dye ink20~28℃ 40~70 %RH
Dimensions(W × D × H)Scan UnitW 5,800 × D 2,020 × H 1,860 (mm)
Trasport UnitW 2,600 × D 4,360 × H 1,140 (mm)
Belt cleaning UnitW 2,360 × D 783 × H 662 (mm)
WeightScan UnitApprox.  1,800kg
Trasport UnitApprox.  2,100kg
Belt cleaning UnitApprox.  300kg
Power supplyAC Single Phase 200-240V  60A(50/60Hz)


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