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KINGT KGT-2513G6 UV Flatbed Printer

To help Kingt users stand out from the crowd, we have the following advantages:

● Print size 【8.2 x 4.26 feet】2.5 X 1.3 meters

● 3pcs ( 8pcs max) Ricoh Gen6 (5pl) printheads

● Longer lifetime than EPS printheads

● 30% Faster than Ricoh Gen5(7pl) printheads

● Better relief or embossment, varnish or gloss, and 3D effects

● Ink color: CMYK/LC/LM plus W, V

● High quality 3pcs Panasonic motors

● Able to print onto most materials

● Supply Overseas installation and free training

KINGT KGT-2513G6 UV Flatbed Printer with Ricoh Gen6 Print heads


The KGT-2513G6 high speed UV flatbed printer is a super-wide format UV inkjet printer that combines value-added printing and powerful productivity. This easy to use, eco-friendly printer combines durability and affordability in one cool looking package.

Experience fast print speed, high-quality, and high precision with our KGT-2513G6 wide format uv printer. It offers a variety of applications to help your print business grow with its versatile media handling capabilities. It is an industrial UV printing machine that has a robust beam with high precision mechanical accuracy.

The KGT-2513G6 high speed UV flatbed printer uses the multi-configurable Ricoh G6 printhead. The gray level micro piezo Ricoh G6 industrial printhead includes internal heating, and with 3-8 optional configurations is the smart choice for a wide range of printing applications. With variable drop size (5pl-15pl) colors can be more vibrant than ever especially when printing high resolution imagery (635x1200dpi). And do not worry about speed, as the KGT-2513G6 is one of the fastest UV flatbed printers for the money bar none. Did you say you were looking for a workhorse printer? Well look no further as this flatbed handles the 24 hours run cycle with stability and easy.

It’s time to print smarter and change the game of UV printing with KGT-2513G6, a high speed UV LED flatbed printer.

RICOH GEN6 Printheads

RICOH GEN6 Printheads

Detachable cable type, staggered 3~8 Ricoh Gen6 printheads, Make of stainless steel, Native Drow volume 5pl. CMYK / LcLm/ WW+VV (Optional)

Industrial Y Structure Tungsten Steel Frame

Industrial Y Structure Tungsten Steel Frame

Constructed with industrial Y frame and structure machine is heavy duty and built to last.

High-performance lead Screw Introduce

High-performance lead Screw Introduce

Both sides of the printer are equipped with industrial driving screws which ensure high accuracy of the print position and enhance its durability.

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