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HP Latex Industrial Series Latex R2000 Plus

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HP Latex R2000 Plus


Printer 5.10 x 2.04 x 1.75 m (201 x 80 x 69 in)

Printer 201 x 143 x 69 in (5,10 x 3,64 x 1,75 m)


Maximum width Rigid Printing

2.5 m (98.4 in) wide boards


Maximum width Flexible Printing

2.5 m (98.4 in) wide rolls

100 kg (220.4 lb) rolls


Indoor Production (6 pass, 100%)

43 m22/hr – (463ft2/hr) – 14 boards/hr

Outdoor (3 pass, 70%)

86 m22/hr (926 ft2/hr) – 28 boards/hr


5-liter ink color cartridges and 3-liter white ink cartridges

Colors CMYK Lc Lm W Op Ov

Feature and Benefit:

  • Ultimate versatility to expand into new applications.
    With the new HP Latex R Printer Series, you can transform your business all while adding value to new applications.  Say yes to short runs and create high-impact customized packaging. Flexible HP Latex inks allow superb bending and folding without cracking. Expand your business into high-value applications. No print and mount—one technology provides color uniformity across campaigns—and durable, flexible HP Latex Inks make lamination easy. Create amazing signage with durable and flexible water-based HP Latex Inks that provide high adhesion and outstanding scratch resistance. Enter the highly profitable world of decoration. Durable, flexible HP Latex Inks deliver applications that don’t smell, ideal for indoor applications. Build brands and grow your business with high-quality, easy-to-install vehicle wraps. Durable and flexible water-based HP Latex Inks provide high adhesion and scratch resistance with a new HP Latex Overcoat, enabling easy lamination.
  • Sharpen the quality of any rigid substrate with the vibrant colors and glossier white.
    With new vibrant HP Latex color gamut on rigid, you can transform new substrates to set yourself apart from your competition. That includes the glossiest of whites on new substrates like wood, aluminum, glass, ceramic, and acrylic. It’s time you print white like you never have before.
  • Increase your productivity with smarter printing.
    With the new HP Latex R Printer Series, you can maximize uptime and meet production peaks—without compromising quality. Finally, a printer with proactive alerts and preventive services.