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HP Indigo V12 Digital Press

HP Indigo V12 Digital Press

The new math of label printing

HP Indigo V12 Digital Press is the first press to utilize the new industry-altering LEPxtechnology. A narrow-web label press, printing at 120 linear meters per min with all the capabilities of HP Indigo’s technology for label production.

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Outstanding earning power

Use powerful V12 throughput to replace multiple flexo presses and their overhead.​

Rooted in an industry winning formula

Cutting-edge LEPxtechnology elevates your operation with breakthrough efficiencies built on proven HP Indigo capabilities.

Profitability meets sustainability

Producing most of your job basket on an HP Indigo digital press fleet is cost effective and enables brands to meet your sustainability goals.

The HP Indigo V12 Digital Press

The new HP Indigo V12 is the first press to utilize the new LEPxtechnology. A narrow-web label press that prints at 120Lm/min.

The HP Indigo V12 Digital Press

1 . Unwinder

Optional continuous unwinding for nonstop printing mode

2 . Inline priming unit

Print on almost any media

3 . Color stations

Two color stations per imaging engine for endless color combinations

4 . New digital plate

Designed to maximize productivity with a long lifespan

5 . Six imaging engines, working in parallel

Allowing printing at 120 meter per minute with up to six different inks, and 60 meters per minute with seven to twelve inks

6 . High resolution LED-based writing heads

Delivering HD quality at 1600 dpi

7 . HP Indigo V12 engine is based on HP Indigo LEPx technology

Print at 120 Linear meter per min – comparable to analog print speeds.

8 . 12 ink stations

12 ink stations with one automated ink replacement revolver per station.
HP Indigo color gamut enables 97% of PANTONE colors

9 . User interface

New UI station with views for print queue, Inspection and press monitor

10 . Rewinder

Optional continuous unwind for nonstop printing mode

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