Graphtec FC9000 Series

  • World’s best cutting quality
  • High-end flagship Grid Rolling Cutter model with advanced operation and efficiency-boosting features
  • Cutting Area Selection 75 / 100 / 140 / 160 cm
  • Ease of use with great media tracking on long runs.
  • Improved Productivity of Cutting Job
  • High Precission Cut of Reflective Sheet Material
  • ARMS8.0 helps improve the productivity of print and cut.
  • Improved workflow with offline output using USB memory and data management function using Barcode.

Graphtec FC9000 Series specification:

Max. cutting area762 mm x 50 m1,067mm×50m1,372mm×50m1,626mm×50m
Acceptable Media Size920mm (36.2 inch)1,224mm (48.1 inch)1,529mm (60.1 inch)1,850mm (72.8inch)
Speed1,485mm/s (45°)
Acceleration39.2m/s2 (45°)
Force5.88N (600gf)
Shape of holderSingle pen (figure 8) / perforation cut
Cutting commandshalf cut / perforation cut / ball-point pen *the cutting quality is better than FC8600
Number of push rollersupdated234(Max. 5 *optional)
pressure adjustable (3 levels)
I/FUSB 2.0 / Ethernet / RS-232C (RS-232: Standard in Japan, Optional only in China) *D-sub 9pin
ARMSSensorupdatedNew sensor / RGB supported
New featuresupdated1-point mark/AI marks/XY axis segmented area compensation/colored marks/colored media
Remained featuresSegment area and Multiple-mark compensation / 4-points axis alignment / Auto mark detection / Command for marks / Expanded effective cutting area /
Reduce mark detection time / ARMS copy / Hood of sensor
Off-line outputsupdatedUSB flash memory off-line output
Data Link (barcode data management)updatedAutomatic data detection by scanning barcode *USB flash memory / PC server
Main FeaturesNewupdatedCutter blade distance management
RemainedDual configuration / copy / tangential mode / cross cutting / AP mode
Operating panel3.7” LC
OptionalAutomatic take-up rollerupdatedN/AUser option
itemsAdditional push-rollersN/AFactory-installed option
2 pen optionDealer-installed option
Flange setUsers option *Standard only in US
SoftwaresStandardGraphtec Pro Studio / Graphtec Studio for Mac/ Cutting Master4 / driver
OptionalGraphtec Pro Studio Plus / Graphtec Pro Studio Plus for Rhinestone / for Auto Nesting
OthersReflective sheetsupdatedAble to cut both diamond / engineer grade.
**Graphtec Studio (Mac) does not have some ARMS functions, Data-link function, USB offline connection.
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