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CANON Oce ColorStream 3000z

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Features Oce ColorStream 3000z :

  1. Printing with a speed of 48 to 127 meters per minute and a maximum print width of 540mm.
  2. Easily supports monthly print volumes of between 2 and 56 million full-color impressions with outstanding print quality of 1200 dpi multilevel.
  3. Based on proven Oce DigiDot inkjet and SRAâ controller technology.


Benefit Oce ColorStream 3000z :

The Oce ColorStream 3000 series is designed to bring full-color inkjet printing, but one giant leap for your document. Moreover, the support from Oce with professional services like business process and color consulting is seen as decisive in accelerating the transition from monochrome application to the world of full color.


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