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SUNMI Indonesia -  Mesin POS SUNMI adalah perusahaan teknologi yang berfokus pada bidang bisnis cerdas. Mesin Kasir Touchscreen dengan software POS Handal. SUNMI juga merupakan perusahaan pertama yang memperoleh dua putaran pembiayaan berturut-turut dari Xiaomi Technology di bidang bisnis cerdas. Samafitro sebagai ATPM Casio Cash Register dan ViviPOS kini menghadirkan mesin POS SUNMI yang merupakan pelengkap dari mesin kasir konvensional sebagai salah satu produk andalannya...Baca Selengkapnya

Aleph LaForte 200 Fabric 1850mm Direct-to-Textile / Garment Printer

Aleph LaForte 200 Fabric 1850mm Direct-to-Textile

Digital solutions for medium volume printing

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Aleph LaForte 200 Fabric 1850mm Direct-to-Textile  / Garment Printer

Digital solutions for medium volume printing

Why choose LaForte?

Exceptional production capacity
for printing medium volumes

Dual module heads
Dual channel: 2 colors per head

Excellent speed & precise jetting
Significantly reduced maintenance cost due to less number of heads

Premium built 
Quality materials with outstanding performance mechanics

Upgradable technology & flexibility
Head count adjustable from between 2 to 8
Keep the printer, change the software and features: the machine grows with your business

Integrated printing solutions
Software + hardware + ink + media

International team of experts
Our team listens and understands your needs offering cost effective consultancy and solutions

What are the LaForte advantages?

High definition printing
Maximum resolution of 1200 DPI
Variable drop technology

Accurate printing: quality and precision
Automatic head alignment for maximum precision
Individual head adjustments: slant and stagger
Precise belt feeding movement
Feed accuracy

Consistant printing results
Advanced control software accentuates the clearness and authenticity of the output, reducing the dithering effect
Advanced matrix dot layout guarantees an exceptional yield


Printing technology
Variable drop inkjet from 4pl to 72pl
(2.656 nozzles – 2 colours)

Ink tank capacity

5/10 litres (double tank)

Compressed air consumption

6~8 bar – 250 L/minNecessary operating conditions
Temperature 20 °C~24 °C (68 °F~76 °F)
Humidity 50-65%

Water consumption

w20-50 L/hMedia feeding mechanism
Rotary sticky belt systemInterface
Ethernet 1 GBPrinting resolution
300 / 600 / 900 / 1200



Reactive, acid, pigment, direct sublimation,direct disperse

Number of colors
4 / 6 / 8