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Adelco Digicure

Adelco Digicure Features :

  1. Digital HDMI Touchscreen interface
  2. Integrated In-feed and Out-feed Extraction
  3. Integrated Exhaust and Fan
  4. High Preasure airflow for best curing penetration

Adelco Digicure Benefits :

The Adelco Digi-Cure dryer is our solution for small to medium production runs. Big performance on a smaller dryer for digital prints, water-based inks and more. The Digi-Cure oven is 2.6 meters with a 90cm in-feed and 90cm outfeed, with an 80cm belt width

While the Digi-Cure may be smaller in size, it includes all the same features as our high production dryers, so you can benefit from the many rich-features of our textile dryer range. This smaller conveyor dryer has a single outlet for extraction, as the ductwork for the exhaust, infeed and outfeed extraction are internal in the Digi-Cure dryer. With just one single outlet, you will benefit from a cleaner working environment.

Adelco Digicure Specifications:

Belt Speed50 secs – 10 mins
Elecctrical Supply19 KW, 3 phase 220 – 240 V or 380 – 415 V ,50/60 Hz
Oven Length260 cm
Belt Width80 cm
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