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A counterfeit culture

Counterfeiting today is a multi billion-dollar business. It’s more than bogus passports and imitation handbags – it can affect anything and everything, from your headphones, to your morning medication, to your identity.

No consumer is safe, no brand is untouchable, and no organization is out of reach.

Today’s counterfeits don’t operate from backrooms and sell their wares in dark alleyways – they run huge-scale operations boasting advanced technology facilities, hot on the heels of the latest security innovations.

They sell falsified products on global ecommerce platforms and well-known social media streams. In fact, counterfeit and pirated goods now account for 3.3% of all global trade.1

And, as ecommerce continues to grow exponentially, consumers are becoming easier targets for counterfeiters. Brand owners need to be able to fight the fakes, while proving the authenticity and legitimacy of their products.

In the wake of COVID-19, this has become more urgent and acute than ever. As demand for essential products increased and more consumers turned to internet shopping, counterfeit pharmaceuticals and medical devices boomed. A recent study found that counterfeit pharmaceuticals traded worldwide has reached EUR 4.03 billion.2

With each successful security breach, counterfeiters are only getting better and bolder. How can you get ahead of the threat, without continuously reinventing your security offering?

A counterfeit culture

A sophisticated problem
requires a sophisticated

In this ebook, you will learn about how HP Indigo
Secure makes it possible to stay ahead of
counterfeiters with a never-before-seen adaptive
security shield that provides multi-layer digital
armor on just one press – in just one pass.

Fighting the fakes

Fighting the fakes

It is important to remember that you are not fighting
this battle alone. Brands and organizations are now
starting to address security issues in public.

Global ecommerce giants such as Amazon have made public commitments to bringing counterfeit down to zero, with the establishment of Counterfeit Crimes Units. In 2021, Amazon invested more than $900 million and 12,000 people – including machine learning
scientists, software developers, and expert investigators – into developing tools for protecting customers, brands, and selling partners, from counterfeit, fraud, and other forms of abuse. As a result of these efforts, Amazon succeeded in stopping more than 2.5 million bad actors from creating fraudulent selling accounts, thereby preventing them from publishing a single product for sale.3

This emerging trend is driving change in the security
printing and brand protection industry

Even so, the estimated impact of brand counterfeiting is expected
to reach $4.2 trillion, globally, in the next few years.4 The stakes are high
and with so much on the line – customer safety, corporate financial
losses, intellectual property violations, brand reputations, the global
economy – your customers need assurances that your security
solution will work.


You don’t necessarily need a solution that can continuously outrun every attacker – the industry is working hard and collaboratively to win this war.
As a print solution provider, you can play an important role in helping fight counterfeiting by offering your customers the latest security solutions
available in the market, designed to ensure that they avoid becoming the likely target of such attacks. HP Indigo Secure makes it possible to stay ahead of counterfeiters with a never-before-seen adaptive security shield that provides multi-layer digital armor on just one press, in just one pass.

Different features for
different purposes

The print security market is split into two segments that are differentiated by target customers and characteristics,
needs and challenges: security printing and brand protection. The global market for security printing and brand
protection is currently forecast to grow from $29.5 billion in 2019 to $36 billion by 2024.5

Security printing icon

Security printing

Security printing targets governments, authorities, finance, and other institutions that deal with documents such as currency, identification, tax stamps, and other secure documents. With the rise of the digital landscape and the wider use of e-payments, this segment is having to adjust to new market realities.6

Brand protection icon

Brand protection

Brand protection targets brands that are increasingly forced to confront counterfeiting issues, particularly in the nutraceuticals and wellness, cosmetics and personal care, spirits, agrochemical, industrial and automotive, and food and beverage industries. For this segment, increasing diversion problems, multiple SKUs, concerns around health and safety, and E2E workflow integration remain the key challenges.

Brand protection icon

Tailor-made solutions

HP Indigo Secure is a set of solutions (hardware, software, ElectroInks, and substrates) for brand protection and security printing, based on HP Indigo LEP technology and empowered by industry-leading partners. These solutions apply multiple layers of overt, semi-covert, covert, and forensic security elements, to any document, label, or package in one
pass with the power of variable data and serialization.

Combining security levels

As counterfeiters become more sophisticated and respond more rapidly to the latest security printing technology
available, your security solution needs to offer a higher level of sophistication and complexity.

Whether you are a security print provider or a brand protection converter, HP Indigo Secure can support your
security strategy through tailor-made security solutions.


Level 1


Visible security features that allow individuals to inspect packaging without specialized tools, such as holograms and color-shift ink.

Level 2


A visible security feature that needs an additional device to authenticate it, such as a QR code or microtext.


Level 3


High-security features embedded into labels, product packaging, and documents that are invisible to the human eye, such as taggants and invisible inks that require purpose-built authenticators or inspectors for identification.


Level 4


The highest level of protection, security features that are detectable only in a laboratory, with their exact nature held secret for security reasons. These are authenticated by an authentication inspector.

How can you respond
to this with HP Indigo?

Using multiple serialization tools – a combination of overt, semi-covert, covert, and forensic measures – HP Indigo Secure provides additional preventative layers that make it easier to catch counterfeiters.

Unlike conventional security solutions, HP Indigo Secure allows you to apply multiple layers of security elements in different security levels to any document, label, or package in one pass, with the power of variable data and serialization.

Combining security features

Innovative plug and play

Our longstanding alliances with trusted and credentialed global leaders will give you and your customers the ability to mix and match a wide range of advanced innovative plug and play elements that are easy to print and hard to copy.

HP Microtext

A unique font designed for
HP Indigo presses that allows
the printing of text and numbers
which appear as a thin line to
the naked eye.

Micro 2D barcodes

Four times smaller than standard
barcodes – micro 2D barcodes
are almost unnoticeable and can
encode data for verification and


High-resolution complex
patterns made of thin, colorful
curved lines that interlace to
create a unique design that is
virtually impossible to recreate.

HP Indigo Secure allows you to mix-and-match these plugins in one pass, with one print.

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Designer Marks

Combining security features

Cutting-edge security inks

Cutting-edge security inks

Our security inks, when combined with the power of HP Indigo’s digital capabilities, add an effective security
measure that can protect the entire product supply chain and verify product authenticity

GoSure Logo

GoSure taggant ink

Developed in collaboration between
HP Indigo and Bsecure, the GoSure
solution is a highly secure, covert taggant ink formulated exclusively for HP. Users can authenticate a product using the GoSure handheld reader which provides audio and visual verification.

VerifyMe Logo

VerifyMe RainbowSecure™ IR ink

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HP Indigo ElectroInk Invisible
Yellow and Blue

These two transparent inks are visible only
under a UV light glowing yellow and blue
respectively, using a black light lamp
or LED.
Delivering high permanence, these inks are
suitable for brand protection applications,
allowing you to offer invisible text, codes,
and shapes.

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HP Indigo ElectroInk Invisible
Yellow and Blue

These two transparent inks are visible only under a UV light glowing yellow and blue respectively, using a black light lamp or LED.
Delivering high permanence, these inks are suitable for brand protection applications, allowing you to

Combining brand protection features

Track and trace and
authentication solutions

Highly secure product markings for brand protection and traceability – like digital watermarks, and copy protected
barcodes – are hard to imitate, remove, and copy but easy to implement. By combining protected track and trace
features with additional security elements, it is impossible to remove, retrace, or tamper with the products throughout
the complete supply chain.

Combining brand protection features

Proof barcodes

SCRIBOS has been producing security features for more than 20 years, protecting worldwide operating brands. ValiGate® is a non-cloneable security structure that can be printed directly onto the packaging or on a self-adhesive label – hidden or as a barcode. The unique codes allow us to identify fakes, detect grey markets, and open avenues for customer interaction. Printed security features are ideal for mass markets and can be easily authenticated via a smartphone – without an app, so that all target groups can check, participate, and profit.


Unique tracking data

With ScanTrust, customers are able to create unique serialization for products, allowing any anomalies or issues to be traced back to individual products. Each scan of the product’s code builds more data, creating a useful profile of the product and it’s journey, allowing for customized tasks and detailed tracking.

Micro Focus Logo

GPAS with Micro Focus

GPAS allows customers to verify whether a product is real, counterfeit, or a recall using their smartphone to scan a product’s QR code. This secure and scalable tool also provides business intelligence reporting alerts that can unlock hidden patterns, providing a real-time product and brand monitoring solution.



Digimarc Corporation delivers transformative product digitization and automatic identification solutions featuring digital watermarks and other unique identifiers combined with product intelligence in the cloud. Digimarc activates products, other physical objects, and digital media for greater accuracy, efficiency, security, and recyclability. Companies benefit from deeper business insights, better brand integrity, and end-to-end supply chain traceability for total transparency.


Locked in layers

With HP Indigo, you can create a multi-layer, multi-purpose security solution – on one press, in one pass. Our technology enables you to cut out multiple production lines, duplicated waste, and unnecessary labor hours to create an adaptive shield using one asset, in one production step, all from one provider. With the power of HP Indigo’s digital capabilities, you can combine variable data, serialization, and multi-layer security features to create a digital armor that protects product authenticity – every step of the way

Locked in layers
Locked in layers Img02

Next steps for
a secure future

Next steps for a secure future

Next steps for
a secure future

Security printers and brand protection converters play an integral role in keeping customers safe. By 2022, the global market for brand protection investments in print technologies is predicted to grow by $3.6 billion. This is a fast-moving environment and, in the race to reinvent security offerings, many businesses are constrained by insufficient security and brand protection solutions. This is where HP Indigo can help

HP Indigo Secure acts as your single trusted technology
provider for brand protection and security printing.

With our security solutions, you can create a digital armor
which is unlike anything counterfeiters have ever
experienced. Combining multiple security levels and security
features including plug and play, security inks, and track and
trace, you can create an adaptive security shield that
outmanoeuvres their every move.
As the world’s leading digital printing company, we can
provide the technologies, techniques, and elements which,
when combined, create a virtually limitless combination of
security solutions. And, you’ll have the full force of a global
alliance of industry leaders behind you – every step of the
way. Our holistic solution is a tool for protection and also
a gateway for adding value to brands in terms of consumer
engagement, supply chain track and trace, sustainability,
business intelligence, and more.
The time has come for brands to adopt smart packaging!

HP Indigo Secure
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