Anything you need to know about Sunmi Products

Anything you need to know about Sunmi

SUNMI is an IoT company with the core value “Altruism”.
We are committed to bring businesses smart IoT devices and supporting integrated cloud services,
to build an interconnected world and finally achieve Business 4.0.

SUNMI Mobile

Over the years, SUNMI mobile devices, being applicable to the retail, restaurant,

logistics and manufacturing businesses, have helped business owners to
accelerate their digital transformation in store operations.Click for details

SUNMI Payment

SUNMI provides you devices that can accept omnichannel payments – bank cards,
QR codes and e-wallets, and also apply for coupon redemption, online order
receiving and loyalty programs, thus making your day-to-day business more
efficient.Click for details

SUNMI Desktop

The online and offline integration drives store owners to improve their operational
efficiency and customer experience with solutions integrating various devices and
smart systems.Click for details

SUNMI Kiosks

Being applicable to restaurants, retail stores, hotels and other sectors, our kiosks
will improve your operational efficiency and digital transformation, let alone the
convenience they will bring to your customers.Click for details



To build an interconnected world for every business, we
provide innovative BIoT platforms where you can meet superb
hardware, software and a professional operations team.

We offer app services framework and technologies, share
value-added business services and open SDKs, and work with
partners to empower merchants.

SUNMI App Store
SUNMI App Store
Remote Assistance
Remote Assistance
Remote Key Injection
Remote Key Injection
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